The need for our products: our blocks (both 6”and 9”) are with high quality ratio that brings out high quality product. Our kerbs are vibrated on  a high speed-vibrating table, with a very high quality ratio and mixed with concrete mixer. The concrete ratio of cement and granite is also mixed with a concrete mixer to ensure proper mixture.
The characteristics of our vibrated interlocking paving stone are:

  • it is geometically designed to interlock
  • it is stronger than conventional flooring
  • it is durable
  • it is transferable
  • no potholes
  • no flooding
  • it is colourful and beautiful
    • adds contrast to your environment
    • it comes in different shapes and  colours
    • it is suitable for firm or marshy soil
    • it is easy to lift by hand without loosing a bit

Technical Data

Sizes and shapesare according to schedule of thickness: for residential, 6cm or 60mm. Top colour finishing is 5mm. We offer full technical assistance for primary laying at any place in Nigeria.

Standard Sizes

  • 30mm or 3cm – for walkways and pavements
  • 45mm or 4.5cm – for drive ways, walkways and pavements
  • 60mm or 6cm – for driveways, walkways and pavements
  • 80mm or 8cm – for roads, garages, heavy and/or busy car packs